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Ed Yourdon: IT Issues

Ken Orr Institute: Data Warehousing, Strategic Planning

Knowledge Structures, Inc.: Project Management

Martin Fowler, Extreme Programming, Refactoring

Nebulon, Inc. : Feature Driven Development

Russell Martin & Associates, Inc.: Learning Organization & Project Management

APLN Links

David Anderson

Sanjiv Augustine

Christopher Avery

Alistair Cockburn

Mike Cohn

Doug DeCarlo

Donna Fitzgerald

Mike Griffiths

Ole Jepsen

Lowell Lindstrom

Todd Little

Pollyanna Pixton

Preston Smith

Robert Wysocki


The Atlantic Systems Guild

Agile Modeling

Agility, Paradigm Shift International

Lean Construction Institute

New Grange Center for Project Management

Santa Fe Institute: Complex Adaptive Systems

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