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"Self-organization, emergence, and collaboration are the central themes of Adaptive Software Development. Collaboration puts an emphasis on community, on trust and joint responsibility, on partnership with the customer rather than on an adversarial relationship. I hope that the Adaptive Software Development approach makes obsolete the notion that linearity, predictability, arduous process improvement, and Command-Control are the only way to develop software."

--Jim Highsmith,
"Adaptive Software Development"

From his early involvement with rapid application development techniques to his recent work with clients in adaptive and agile practices, Jim Highsmith has played a leadership role in developing and promoting Agile Project Management and Adaptive Software Development. He continues this effort through his work with the following organizations:

The Cutter Consortium: Access to the Experts
Jim is the director of the Agile Project Management Advisory Service for the Cutter Consortium and is a fellow of the Cutter Business Technology Council that advises managers on key trends in information technology. Jim's consulting and workshop services are available through Cutter Consortium.

The AgileAlliance
Jim was one of a group of 17 who, in February 2001, convened and wrote the Manifesto for Agile Software Development. In January 2002, the coauthors of the Manifesto formed The AgileAlliance as a non-profit organization to promote and support the values, principles, and practices of ASD as formulated in the Manifesto. Jim is a founding member of this Alliance and served on its first board.

Software Education Associates, Inc.
Jim has been a regular keynote speaker at Software Education's annual Software Development conferences and has consulted with a number of companies in New Zealand and Australia. In Australia and New Zealand, Jim's consulting and workshop services are available through Software Education.

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